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India's first ever card with
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Your card, your design

It's not just personalised, it's
your personality

Tell your story with your fave doodles

Tattoo a unique name with signature fonts

Unbox an experience like never before

Smartest. Card. Ever.

Here's how we're changing
the game

Just Tap and Pay

Easy contactless payments, with just a tap. Faster than you can imagine

Accepted everywhere

From streaming to gaming - nothing is off limits with the Visa Network

Numberless and secure

Access your card details stored in the FamPay app for the safest payments

The rewards are outrageous

And they're all yours

4X rewards on every spend

Earn 4X FamCoins and get exclusive offers, cashbacks, giftcards, and more!

Complimentary subscriptions

Get free premium memberships worth ₹3000 from the best brands

Two cards to choose from

Which one will be yours?


4X FamCoins as rewards

Customised name

Tap and Pay enabled

Design with doodles

Subscriptions of top brands

2X FamCoins as rewards

Customised name

Tap and Pay enabled

1 card. 100s of doodles.
Limitless possibilities.

Try it yourself!

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perfect gift, right?

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What's better than a personalized card that comes with exclusive subscriptions and unlimited rewards? Just design the card, tell us who you want to surprise, and we'll take care of the rest!

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How do I order the FamCard Me?

It’s super easy! Just download and sign up on the FamPay App. Once you complete your KYC verification, you’ll be ready to use your virtual Visa FamCard! To get your hands on the physical FamCard Me, simply design and order your card on the FamPay App.

Why FamCard Me?

The FamCard Me is not just a card, it's a story. It's India's first ever card with doodles, made exclusively for teens. Aside from being super personalised, it is completely contactless with the Tap and Pay feature, and is accepted EVERYWHERE, thanks to the Visa network. It is also the most rewarding card for teens, with 4X rewards on every single spend.

How many doodles can I use to design my FamCard Me?

The answer is: unlimited! You can use as many doodles and text elements as you like on your FamCard Me! Make sure you resize and position them for a look that suits you best.

Where is the FamCard Me accepted?

Literally everywhere! The FamCard can be used to make payments at all Visa accepted stores and merchants. From streaming services to your favourite stores - the sky is the limit. 🚀

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Absolutely not! FamPay and the FamCard Me have no hidden fees or charges, and requires no minimum balance to be maintained in your account.

How to setup the FamCard Me once it arrives?

Once the FamCard Me reaches you, go ahead and activate it on the FamPay app by following the simple instructions that come within the packaging. Once activated, you can load your account with money and start using the card for all your payments!

Can I return/exchange the FamCard Me that I ordered?

No, the FamCard Me cannot be returned or exchanged. Besides, it'll be so perfectly made for you that you wouldn't want to exchange it! 😍

Is the FamCard Me safe?

The FamCard Me is numberless, and therefore super safe and convenient. All the card details are stored in the FamPay App and are device lock protected. Even if your card gets lost or stolen, joke's on the thief 😆 Your card can be blocked anytime through the FamPay App.

Can the FamCard Me be used even after you turn 20+?

Yes! You can continue using the FamCard Me even after you turn 20+. This is one card that will never leave your side 💞

If the FamCard Me is numberless, how do I shop online?

All the card details are safely stored on the FamPay App which can easily be copy pasted to make payments online. We really don't want to bore you with numbers when you don't need them anyway! For offline payments, simply tap and pay with the FamCard Me, on the go.

What will happen to my Rupay FamCard once I purchase the FamCard Me?

Once you switch to the FamCard Me, you will still have access to your virtual/physical RuPay FamCard. The new FamCard Me will become your default card. However, you may continue to use your existing RuPay card if you like, by switching to it in the card settings of your FamPay app. You can choose between the two cards as per your convenience. Both cards will however be linked to the one FamPay account you have, and hence transaction limits will remain the same (whether you use Visa/RuPay FamCard)!